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Daniel has been working as a full-time Football Freestyler for 10 years, since graduating University. His skills have taken him to over 35 countries and allowed him to work alongside some of the world's biggest brands. Daniel has the ability, not only to perform impressive skills, but use them to provide entertainment that can be enjoyed by a wide audience. He has performed at school assemblies for children with learning disabilities, at corporate events for companies and brands, and for inmates at high security prisons in South Africa, so you can see the diverse nature of his shows.


Daniel has also body doubled adverts and starred in commercials for Adidas and Hyundi, and loves to entertain people of all ages and interact with them at barmitzvahs and priviate parties. In additon to this, Daniel is confident and natural on camera and has developed his presenting skills through the work he has done on some of the biggest football channels on YouTube.


He also has 10 standing World Records and this alone speaks volumes about his ability to keep at the top of his game. These include the fastest 100m sprint balancing a football on the forehead, the longest time controlling a football with the chest, and the most consecutive face rolls (controlling the ball and rolling it from temple to temple) of which Daniel did a staggering 1,810, smashing the previous record by over three times the amount! 


Daniel has truely honed and perfected his skills, as well as developing his own unique style. He takes inspiration from other creative art forms, such as break dancing and gymnastics, which he incorporates into his shows. 

He realised that the determination, discipline and dedication needed for football freestyle was not only something to be admired, but could also inspire others. He therefore encourages individuals not simply to take up football freestyle but to share these qualities while emphasising the importance of a healthy and active lifestyle which, when embraced, will help anyone to succeed.





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